Jeffrey Beall's Predatory OA Publishers/Journals Update

Librarian Jeffrey Beall is Nemesis to predatory open-access publishers and journals. In his latest update he identifies three publishers and two standalone journals, providing detailed criteria for his assigning them “predatory” designation. As Beall observes: “These are only a few of the publishers I’ve added to my list in April. The numbers of questionable journals and publishers are surging. Every day I receive new “nominations” from concerned scholars. The increasing predominance of predatory publishers in the scholarly open-access publishing industry seriously threatens the future of the open-access movement.” Established journals and new OA journals should review their public presentation in order to ensure that they employ best practices. Details at:

Beall also evaluates Horizon Research Publishing (its logo is a unicorn – What, no Hello Kitty?) and its 66 new journals, heavy on the sciences but also including social science and humanities titles; details here: